Hormone Therapy

Nurse checking labels on hormone therapy medication

Hormonal therapy is sometimes given in conjunction with radiation to boost the effectiveness of prostate cancer treatment. Hormonal therapy may also be used to shrink the size of large prostate glands to ensure the proper placement of the radioactive seeds.

Combination hormonal/radiation therapy is now a standard option for men with cancer that has extended beyond stage T3 or T4 or whose cancer is considered high-risk. Studies show that it reduces the risk of dying from prostate cancer and other causes more than with either treatment given alone.

patjient on an MRI getting scanned

Studies also show that patients who have advanced prostate cancer have better outcomes if hormonal therapy continues for at least two years after radiotherapy and that hormonal therapy and radiation given together were more effective than radiation by itself at treating recurring prostate cancer after prostatectomy.

Combined treatment is more likely than radiation alone to cause erectile dysfunction (ED). Until more is known, be aware that side effects do occur with combined therapy and that it’s important to discuss this issue with your doctor.

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