Orleans Family Physicians FHO
(Family Health Organization)

Dr. Bamford, Dr. Bennani, Dr. Dauksza, Dr. Derrick, Dr. Hillier, Dr. Gagnon,
Dr. Jablonski, Dr. Jung, Dr. Lilly, Dr. Mechler, Dr. Ndububa, and Dr. Weka

Our group of Family Doctors are now a FHO (Family Health Organization).

What is a FHO? A group of family physicians working together to provide primary car to patients, this includes on evenings and weekends.

We encourage you to schedule regular visits for prescriptions, reassessment of chronic issues and preventive care with your physician.

Patients are strongly encouraged to see their physician before going to a walk-in clinic. In the FHO model of care this has implications for your family physician.

If your physician is unavailable, another physician in the group can see you for the acute or urgent issues.

    After hours clinics will be available for all rostered patients for acute conditions.


    Monday to Thursday 5pm - 8pm

    Saturdays 9am - 3pm


  • Same day urgent appointments with your family MD
  • After hours clinic on evening & weekend clinics for urgent concerns
  • Hospital emergency room for urgent needs

Patients who are already rostered will be automatically rostered to their physician in the FHO.

If you are not rostered, or have any questions please speak to your physician for clarification of what this means to you.